October 31, 2013

Well, it's Halloween (Interactive Short Story)

I said I was going to finish a story for today, so I did.  I successfully completed a very short story in Twine.

I present to you all: Well, it's Halloween, a short interactive story about a man with some free time on Halloween.  I haven't found a good spot to host it yet, considering I finished it within the past hour, so you'll have to download and open the html file.  As soon as I can find a good spot to host it, though, I'll update this post with the new link. 

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  I managed to balance an introspective narrative with a decently lighthearted tone, which is a drastic change from my first attempt back in January.  I'll give it it's own page within a few days.

You can check out Twine here.  It really is a great tool for this sort of thing.

Edit: I updated the story a bit after messing around with Twine a bit more.  The visual presentation's improved, so there should be less confusion.

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