January 25, 2014

Space Cruiser Panic (Twine Story)

Today, I challenged myself to create a game in two hours.  It ended up taking more along the lines of four hours, counting some polish at the end, but the effort, I believe, was worth it.  I'm really starting to like Twine.  It combines my love for games with my love for stories in a quick, accessible format.

The story is a narration of an absurd day aboard an interstellar star cruiser.  The ending's really why the story took so long.  I wanted something beautiful, something that ends on a hopeful note rather than what the ending initially appears to be.  Hopefully my efforts have paid off.  I may attempt another 2-4 hour game jam next Saturday.

As always, I appreciate any feedback I can get on my works.  Feel free to criticize, praise, etc.

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