May 2, 2014

Pierce the Dark

Pierce the Dark is the newest (and only) game from the Beautiful Elevator Kids, a team of six student game developers at Champlain College.  We're comprised of Ben Thomson (Lead Designer), Alex Beauchesne (Lead Programmer, me), Zach Collins (Lead Artist), Charles Stone (Designer), Vasily McCausland (Programmer), and Chas Elterman (Artist).

A fifteen-week project for our Game Production 2 course, we took great advantage of our time and created more than just the vertical slice we were required.  Our game is polished, challenging, fun, and promising.  The game's only in Beta, and there are a few tweaks here and there we want to make, especially regarding the game's conclusion, but this represents the most complete game I've worked on in my time at Champlain so far.

We plan on finishing up the last bits of the game over the summer, and a spiritual sequel is being considered in order to further explore the gameplay avenues we've opened up.

You can download the beta as it stands for PC and Mac (size: ~30MB).
Watch some gameplay footage here.

I'll make a blog post later on detailing the technical design of the game.  It was my first experience with Unity, and while learning Unity I found myself learning a lot about game engine architecture.

A few more screenshots for good measure:

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