April 25, 2013

Extreme Fly Fishing 2013

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was working on Extreme Fly Fishing 2013.  Since the game is now complete, I feel it's time to elaborate on its workings.  (Play it here!)

Extreme Fly Fishing 2013 (or 2003, GOTY Gold Edition, or one of a variety of other subtitles we use) is a mobile arcade game about fishing, flying, and the fourth dimension.  As fisherman Al, you use your fishing pole and bobber to hook onto birds, kites, and other flying objects, pulling yourself up and flinging yourself off to climb as high as possible.  Along the way, you travel through space and eventually transcend it to explore other realms.

The controls are comprised of three simple motions.  Tap to cast your line, swipe to jump, and tilt to drift horizontally.  It's also compatible with the PC, where clicking, right-clicking and the A and D keys take the place of tapping, swiping, and tilting respectively.

As my team has three artists, there's quite a lot of visual variety to this game.  Along Al's journey through the universe, he encounters jetpack llamas, constellations, Doom Suns, space whales, and even Super Sexy Overlord.  There's also a wonderful level late in the game that I unfortunately cannot discuss further for fear of ruining the surprise.  All said, Al's is an emotional journey of a virtual mile.

Rendering is currently the major bottleneck in performance, so getting the game to run well on more devices than can currently support it (about three at last count) is going to require switching to Stage3D rendering.  I'll most likely either use Starling or write my own wrapper for Stage3D to better understand how it works.

My team and I are really proud of how this game turned out.  If things go well, we plan on distributing this for free on the Google Play store and online.  I'll also be uploading it to this site within a few days.

The original title for the game?  Rapala's Extreme Fly Fishing 2013: HD Turbo Remix HD: Gold: Remastered: Revengeance X (Director's Cut).  We had some crazy brainstorming sessions...

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